The Experience Celebrates The Fourth With A Special Collectable Art Show Tonight

by Erik Amaya

The Experience promises a “Fireworks Premium” Art Show later tonight as it celebrates the Fourth of July in its own unique way.

Tonight at 7pm ET, Dynamic Forces and Nick Barrucci will join the program to highlight original work from artists like John Romita Jr., Koi Pham, Brian Hitch and many more. Also to be featured, Superman and Wonder Woman lithographs signed by George Perez and Avengers Infinity War remarks by Mariano Nicieza and Joe Delbeato. Also, we couldn’t help but notice this portrait called “The Lost Still” will also appear on the show. It depicts Adventures of Superman star George Reeves and 1943 Batman serial star Lewis Wilson (or Robert Lowery, star of the 1949 Batman and Robin serial) in a crossover which, sadly, never happened. Although, the portrait makes you wonder what a Batman visit to the Adventures of Superman series might have looked like.

Although collectible and original art collecting is poised to return to in-person comic conventions and collectibles shows in the near future, The Experience continues to highlight that aspect of Con Culture in a virtual space. It’s definitely a worthy endeavor.

The Experience can be found on YouTube or Facebook!

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