Review: ‘Star Wars: The High Republic’ #6 Faces A Fearsome Foe

by Tony Thornley

The High Republic era of Star Wars has so far been an exciting and unexpected addition to the saga. The various comics and novels have introduced new concepts, locations, and threats. Now, the second phase of the initiative begins, and Marvel’s Star Wars: The High Republic #6 leads directly into that.

Cover by Phil Noto

This issue points towards wrapping up some key plot points from the first arc of the story. Considering the surprises of the publishing initiative so far, though, I think don’t anything is as it seems. This issue comes from Cavan Scott, Georges Jeanty, Karl Story, Annalisa Leoni, and Joe Caramagna.

The Jedi-Hutt alliance has proven to be the best thing possible to combat the threat of the Drengir. But the all-consuming hive mind is still progressing through the galaxy, pushing further and further into the Outer Rim. Now, Avar Kriss and Keeve Trennis both have desperate gambits that could change the course of the invasion…

After the previous arc, this is an incredibly fast paced thrill ride of a story. Scott plows through a lot of plot here, and it works. It feels like a bridge between stories, especially with the second main novel of the publishing line coming out earlier this week as well. It’s a change of pace that serialized stories need — one part epilogue, one part transition — and it works for what’s happening here. It’s clearly setting up big things for this series and, potentially, the entire line and I like that he’s not wasting time to do that.

Jeanty and Story step in for this arc. Their style, much more cartoony than regular artist Anindito, matches the pace and energy of the script. They have a solid sense of pacing throughout the issue (which is to be expected with their experience) and the splash pages dotting the issue are great (especially the Jedi riding RANCORS!). They also design a few interesting moments, such as the Drengir hive mind, that make those stand out. 

Leoni’s colors continue to be one of the most reliably good parts of the story though, setting the palette for the entire publishing line. Caramagna’s letters give the script a lot of dynamic energy, and he does a great job with sound effects throughout.

This title may not be lighting up the charts, but it’s been a reliably fun read month after month. I cannot recommend it enough to any Star Wars fan.

Star Wars: The High Republic #6 is available now from Marvel Comics.


This reliably enjoyable series steps it up for an interlude arc. The story is high octane, and the art is explosive. It’s another solid entry in the High Republic story initiative.

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