Webcomic Weekly: Jamie Smart’s ‘Corporate Skull’ Is Sweary, Silly And Superb

by Richard Bruton

Webcomic Weekly – one comic from the web, in some form, every week – it’s simple really. This week, we’re delving back into the archives for something ridiculously funny from Jamie SmartCorporate Skull.


Okay then, if you’ve been paying attention you’ll already know that Jamie Smart is the insanely talented and very, very funny man behind the likes of Looshkin, Fish Head Steve, Ubu Bubu, Flember, Find Chaffy, Moose Kid Comics, Whubble, and Bear, amongst others. His work has appeared in The Dandy (his Desperate Dan was awesome), and currently, of course, he’s making the incredible, the amazing, the ridiculously funny Bunny vs Monkey in the Pheonix Comic pretty much every single week since it began.

He makes funny, funny comics, all with his unique style and fine, fine sense of comedic timing. Comics for kids, comics for not kids.

Corporate Skull is definitely in the comics for not kids category.

“Corporate Skull, as Jamie tells us, ‘is the story of Alan Buttons, who loses his face in a horrifying photocopier accident. Reborn as ‘Skull’, he rampages around his office with a new found confidence, smashing, drinking and fighting everything he can find. However this office holds secrets, terrifying, monstrous secrets, and the further down Skull spirals, the deeper the conspiracies go…”

Now, Corporate Skull isn’t new, first coming out in 2011, but that’s not a problem, is it?

After all, you want the best of the webcomics in Webcomic Weekly right? We’re in the modern world right? Where my daughter has playlists on Spotify with music from 1950 to the present day; where everything is NOW, no matter when it first came out; and where I get to share anything and everything that I damn well please with you – just so long as it’s good.

And, oh boy, Corporate Skull, and Jamie Smart – they’re very, very, very good.

So, you can find 175 pages of Corporate Skull here – you should go and read them all. Right now. It also featured in The Guardian once upon a time in full colour and everything.

It is full of the swears, has lots of violence, and is a very, very adult sort of webcomics.

It is also ridiculously funny.

Okay, the best way to tell you about how damn great Corporate Skull was is to simply show you the first few strips… the (not so secret) origin of Corporate Skull

Yep, that’s Alan Buttons. His life? Not so great, not so great at all.

And then this happens…

And there you have it.. the not so secret origin of Corporate Skull.

If that hasn’t convinced you though, the next three pages… oh boy…


Seriously, if you didn’t laugh with the whole massive bellend gag? What the hell is wrong with you.

I could bang on here about Smart’s sense of comedy timing, I could go on and on about how well he sets out a gag and then delivers, again and again and again on the payoff. But what’s the point? You’ve already seen it. In spades.

Jamie Smart‘s Corporate Skull is a laugh riot. It’s loud, abusive, sweary and quite wonderfully brilliant.

It might be old, but damn, it’s good. In doing this little skit, I went back through the whole thing. I had intended giving you the basics and getting the hell out… but one hilarious thing led to another hilarious thing and I found myself having a blast, yet again, at the whole thing.

You want funny? Try Corporate Skull.

And then try everything else Jamie Smart has ever committed to the comic page – you won’t be disappointed.

Now, as an extra, those Guardian pages, live, direct, and in living colour….

Find all of Jamie’s stuff at his website, tell him how good he is on Twitter (he’s a cartoonist, they need the attention and constant ego-stroking), go buy his collections of Looshkin and Bunny Vs Monkey wherever great comics are sold, including at the Phoenix shop,

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