Advance Review – ‘Second Coming: Only Begotten Son’ #3 Illustrates That Times May Change, But Greed Never Does

by Olly MacNamee


Christ continues to find his way in a very mean-spirited world, while Sunstar worries for the both of them. Another well observed and sensational satire from Mark Russell, Richard Pace and Leonard Kirk.


Mark Russell, Richard Pace and Leonard Kirk’s Second Coming: Only Begotten Son #3 comes to a comic book store near you this week, and while it’s been a while since the last issue, it hasn’t lost any of its satirical impact. I’m glad to report it’s another feisty issue, drawing parallels with modern day mega churches, as epitomised by Freddy Junior and his explorative religious theme park. The reader is invited to make the comparison with the machinations of the early Middle Ages’ church and its practice of selling off fake religious artefacts and relics of very dubious providence. Here presented by Russell as a means of bankrolling the Crusades. Itself a very dodgy long-lasting campaign when looked back at from our more enlightened perspective. 

In amongst this wider comedic criticism is the ongoing story of Jesus finding his way in the modern world. With Sunstar doing most of the worrying on Christ’s behalf. After all, times may have changed, but people haven’t. And, as Jesus himself reminds us, when he was first walking amongst us he was hanging with “the veritable scum of the Earth.” In that instance, “prostitutes, tax collectors and religious leaders.” Russell certainly has a way with words, that’s for sure. It’s what makes this series so good. The issue’s full of such barbed dialogue. 

Meanwhile, Richard Pace delivers art that is once again fitting for the two time frames he illustrates, with Kirk going more of an appropriate polish to the contemporary scenes. The darker, sketchier scenes depicting a darker age, with a muddier colour way to match, courtesy of colourist Andy Troy, only helps establish the Medieval mirk more so. 

I imagine keeping up the satirical quota can be a chore for any writer, but on the other hand Russell’s message is a simple one. In giving us cynical characters across time only too happy to misrepresent the teachings of Christ, we are shown how far these so-called religious leaders have strayed from their true dues. Sadly, the same evils continue to be done in the name of Christ today as they were over one thousand years ago. And Christ ain’t buying it.

Second Coming: Only Begotten Son #3 is out Wednesday 21st July from AHOY Comics

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