Exciting, Entertaining And Exotic: ‘Bermuda’ #1 Advance Review

by Olly MacNamee


Bermuda #1 is a fun-filled action-adventure story from John Layman, Nick Bradshaw and Len O’Grady that’s smart, sensational and stylish. An exceptional debut issue with a great appeal for both young and old comic book fans.


Meet Bobby and Andy. Rich kids on a private jet who crash-land somewhere within the fables Bermuda Triangle and are immediately separated. We are left with Bobby on the beach with the titular Bermuda looking over him. It’s a pretty dramatic start and it doesn’t really let up from thereon in in this exciting first issue. Bermuda’s command of “Get up. Get moving,” is a great summary of the whole affair as Bobby is introduced to the bizarre and beautiful island of Trangle. No, I’ve not spelt that wrong. That’s the name of the island.

Charting this fantastical island alongside writer John Layman is artist Nick Bradshaw, who really goes to town with the visuals across each and every page. The level of minutiae he includes into every panel of every page is remarkable. The end result is a fully developed world rich in detail and potential. After all, this is the Bermuda Triangle and a rich vein for mining when it comes to developing an island full of exoticism as well as a whole legendary history of lost ships and aeroplanes to drawn upon. Whether that be more contemporary additions like the plane Bobby and And, his sister, were in, or something far older. Y’know, like pirates! There’s always pirates in these kind of adventures. And plenty of fantastical besties, like the Mers, Caliban-type creatures that are half-man, half-fish, and looking to enslave anyone that ends up on the island.

Adding to the overall sense of the tropical is the bright and lush colours of Len O’Grady. And with so much greenery on show, O’Grady does a great job in differentiating the various shades on green. 

One part Land of the Lost, another part Kamandi and all pure adrenaline fuelled adventure, with plenty more elements to be thrown in in future issues, this truly has a sense of the summer about it. A great, fun read with outstanding art and colours. If I were to choose one title to be my pick of the week, it would have to be this one. A thrill ride form start to finish with a sense of innocence that will appeal to younger readers too. One for all ages and one you really shouldn’t miss.

Bermuda #1 is out Wednesday 21st July from IDW Publishing

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