Comic-Con@Home 2021: ‘Star Wars: The High Republic’ Wave 3 Announced

by Gary Catig

Star Wars: The High Republic is an ambitious project related to the franchise that connects different stories across varied media set in the “High Republic” era. By having events occur 200 years before the films and 800 years after the fall of the Old Republic created a new area to explore. At this year’s Comic-Con@Home, a panel was held revealing the future titles.

In attendance were writers Charles Soule, Cavan Scott, Daniel José Older, Justina Ireland and Claudia Gray. Each spoke about what their projects so far in The High Republic and then teased what they had planned next.

Scott has two books that will be released next month. The first is a comic entitled Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures – The Monster of Temple Peak. It will revolve around Ty Yorrick, the former Jedi turned saber for hire and will occur before the Republic Fair. The author teased meeting Yorrick’s two droids who are amazing. He also has The High Republic: Tempest Runner and teased Lourna Dee behind bars. For his Marvel series, he revealed a new Jedi joins the Storm.

Older has a story in the upcoming FCBD Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures issue, where padawan Ram Jomaram will appear. With regards to the main issues of the series, we’ll see what Farzala and Qort are up to during the Republic Fair. They’ll be in dangerous situations and diplomatic Hutt situations while going on new adventures and meeting new characters. We’ll meet Farzala’s master who is an amazing nap taker and a great diplomat. Another comic he’s working on is the Marvel miniseries, Star Wars: The High Republic: Trail of Shadows. He described it as dark, moody and complex with so many twists and turns. It’s a noir Star Wars story but goes deeper like in classic detective movies. Older will also write the wave three YA novel, Midnight Horizon which he called a chaotic mess.

Ireland has The High Republic: Out of the Shadows coming out next week. It follows Sylvestri Yarrow, a hauler in space who is down on her luck. It’s a struggle to make ends meet and her mother was recently killed by the Nihil. While working, she is attacked by the Nihil and decides to visit Coruscant to let the government know of the threat in the frontier. Finally, The High Republic is branching out and introducing characters who aren’t the Jedi or the Nihil. She is also working on a manga, Edge of Balance that takes place in one of the Jedi Temple outposts. Jedi knight, Lily Tora-Asi is pushed to her limits trying to resettle refugees after the Great Disaster and finds some problems come with people when they go to new places. In addition, Ireland will right the next book announced from wave three, the middle grade novel, Mission to Disaster.

For wave three, Soule will be writing the Marvel comic The Eye of the Storm. It will consist of two oversized issues, 60 pages total, and will be a backstory to villain Marchion Ro. Look for it in January of 2022. Gray’s contribution to the next wave is the third Del Rey novel, The Fallen Star, and will finish phase one of The High Republic.

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