LaToya Morgan’s ‘Dark Blood’ #1 Returns For Third Printing

by Brendan M. Allen

BOOM! Studios has revealed that Dark Blood #1 has sold out again at the distributor level and will head to a third printing. Dark Blood is an evocative new six-issue original series from screenwriter LaToya Morgan, artist Walt Barna, colorist A.H.G., and letterer AndWorld Design.

‘Alabama, 1955. Avery Aldridge was a decorated soldier during World War II; now he’s just an ordinary young Black man busy providing for his wife and daughter. But the wounds of the past have a way of coming back, and he’ll soon discover that he is anything but ordinary. After a run-in awakens strange new abilities, Avery’s about to become more powerful than he could have ever dared to dream… in a country and society that never wanted him to have any power.’

You might find a first printing of Dark Blood #1 at your local shop now. The second printing hits shelves on August 11,2021, and the new third printing, featuring cover art by Valentine De Landro hits the stands on August 25, 2021.

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