‘Lost Judgment’ Shows Off All In ‘A Detective’s Toolkit’ Trailer

by Sage Ashford

SEGA’s latest trailer for Lost Judgment shows off the array of equipment and techniques available to Yagami to solve the character’s latest cases.  The first half of the trailer focuses on Investigative Actions like chasing, tailing, disguise, infiltration, search mode, and photography, and the game’s new parkour mode.

Later, the trailer shows off the new gadgets Yagami will use in the city of Ijincho, like the Noise Amp, which can amplify voices from far away. They also have the Signal Detector to track specific signals, and the detective dog which can both sniff out scents as well as help Yagami out in combat.

Of course, it’s not a game from RGG Studios without combat, and Yagami has gained an entirely new martial arts form: Snake Style. Snake style can redirect the enemy’s attacks and allow for powerful counterattacks. With Yakuza having gone to turn-based combat for now, Lost Judgment will likely be trying out all sorts of things to continue evolving the beat ’em up combat.

There’s plenty more in the trailer, including more details on the School Stories section of the game and the countless mini-games available this time.

Lost Judgment releases on September 24th for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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