Something For The Weekend: Frank Miller Uninvited From Thought Bubble And More

by Olly MacNamee

Another week of the year gone and another selection of popular posts for you to pick through below, with the biggest news of the week dominating the headlines here in the UK and the US. Than news being…

  1. Frank Miller uninvited from Thought Bubble. If you have been living under a rock until now, check it out here. A very contentious issue most definitely, but then who could have afforded a signature even if he had appeared. That and his history of Islamophobia which is what indie creator, and practicing Muslim, Zainab Akhtar was concerned about originally.
  2. In other news, Scott Snyder announced a multi-book deal with comiXology Originals and Dark Horse here.
  3. And that isn’t the only comiXology news we posted. Kurt Busiek’s digital release of Astro City, Arrowsmith and more caught your interest too. Read all about it here.
  4. Last weekend saw SDCC’s second online convention with Comic-Con @Home 2021. And one panel that proved exceptionally popular with you all was the Robotech panel. Not what I would have put my money on, I must admit. Read Gary Catig’s post here and catch up on the full panel.
  5. Sticking with Comic-Con @Home, EiC Erik Amaya posted the Legends of Tomorrow panel here.
  6. Comic-Con @Home 2021 also brought us a panel and first look at anime series Blade Runner: Black Lotus as posted by Ben Martin. You can find that one here.
  7. Not only did Jimmy Palmiotti launch a new Kickstarter this week for post-apocalyptic graphic novel Rage, I got to interview him too! Read all about his new book and his thoughts on self-publishing here.
  8. Brendan M. Allen posted a preview for Archie’s Archie & Friends: Summer Vacation #1 here.
  9. And, Brendan’s Jumping On column also makes it onto the list again this week. Read it now here.
  10. We’ve had a lot of popular previews this week, but one that put the biggest smile on my face has to be Superman ’78 #1. Check it out here.

As for that little something extra, and as I was reminded how spectacular John Williams’ theme for Superman The Movie was. So, that;s my gift to you this weekend. Enjoy!

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