House Of X: Previewing This Week’s ‘X-Men’ #2 And ‘Hellions’ #14

by Olly MacNamee

What’s this? Your X-Men related reviews on a Sunday? Yep, that’s right. We’ve moved this Monday morning slot to Sunday as part of our continued efforts to make more of the weekend. And this week we have previews for X-Men #2 and Hellions #14 to share with you, and both out on Wednesday 4th August from Marvel. So, enjoy these previews and enjoy your Sunday.

X-Men #2

Written by Gerry Duggan
Art by Pepe Larraz
Colors by Marte Gracia
Cover by Pepe Larraz


As threats hurtle toward the Earth from all sides, the fearless X-Men fight a seemingly unstoppable wave of annihilation…but even more dangerous threats lurk in the darkness, ready to strike in secret.”

Hellions #14

Written by: Zeb Wells
Art by: Roge Antonio
Cover by: Stephen Segovia

“THE LOCUS VILE RETURNS! TARN THE UNCARING and his murderous LOCUS VILE take revenge on MR. SINISTER and the HELLIONS! But the Hellions are ready for the rematch! Well…sort of.”

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