Chinese RPG Faith of Danschant: Hereafter Shows Off 12 Minutes Of Beautiful Gameplay

by Sage Ashford

Joyfun Game and Wangyuan Shengtang have released a twelve minute gameplay trailer of their upcoming RPG, Faith of Danschant: Hereafter.  A follow up to their 2017 title, Faith of Danschant, the new game is aiming to be a looker, with it’s trailer showing off the game’s RTX raytracing inclusion. While the original was released exclusively in Chinese, the sequel is clearly more global in its approach, with even this snippet of gameplay already dubbed in English.

They’re aiming for a simultaneous worldwide release not just on PC but on consoles as well, but no release date is currently announced. The gameplay itself looks more like a movie than an actual “game” with its lack of UI and any kind of button prompts whatsoever, so it’s highly likely this is very early on. Still, this joins the ongoing series of major AAA titles developed by Chinese developers coming to a worldwide audience.

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