Jim Mahfood Returns To His ‘Grrl Scout’ Universe With New Series ‘Stone Ghost’ From Image Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Jim Mahfood returns to his creator-owned Grrl Scouts universe with new Image Comics’ series, Stone Ghost. This six issue miniseries will launch this November and feature a 1:25 incentive copy variant by Eisner Award winning cover artist Peach Momoko.

“Join Dio, Turtleneck Jones, and Gordi as they face off against the sinister and unpredictable evil of The Teeth! Hilarious, over-the-top, psychedelic adventure will ensue, you guys! 

Packed from cover-to-cover with completely unique and eye-popping Mahfood art—including bonus comics and behind-the-scenes fun—readers will feel the Funk with this new addition to the Grrl Scouts story.”

Mahfood adds:

“I’m extremely excited about this new Grrl Scouts series and I think fans and new readers alike will be very entertained and definitely get a lot of bang for their buck with this one. I’m introducing an entire new cast of characters, expanding on the mythology of the Grrl Scouts, and handling every aspect of the production of the book: writing, drawing, coloring, and lettering, to make this a very unique experience! This series is for fans and collectors alike who are looking for something different and off-beat when they’re staring at that wall of new releases in the comic shop.” 

Cover B (1:25 incentive copy by Momoko)

Grrl Scouts: Stone Ghost #1 Cover A by Mahfood and Cover B (1:25 incentive copy by Momoko)  will both be available at comic book shops and digitally on Wednesday, November 24th from Image Comics.

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