‘Vampirella’ #25 Adds Extra Pages For Vampirella’s Wedding

by Erik Amaya

It seems Vampirella’s wedding cannot be contained in the usual size of an issue, so Vampirella #25 is adding more pages.

According to Dynamite, “As Christopher Priest nears his ultimate climax of his celebrated run on Vampirella, his ambitious tale needed just a little extra space. With no intention of impeding his groundbreaking narrative, Dynamite is excited to bulk up the final issue of the current series. Vampirella #25 will now be 40 pages, rather than 32. With every single extra page being devoted to the story, up from 20 to 28 pages.”

As previously reported, the issue will feature a “mysterious, innocent young man is beset with a deadly prophecy. He may just be the resurrection of the one and only deadly Dracula. But with a chance of breaking the curse with the power of love, Vampirella forges a bond in blood to save his life and destiny. ”

Dynamite also announced the extra pages will come at no extra cost to retailers or fans. Covers for the issue include work from Gunduz, Lucio Parrillo, Shannon Maer, Marco Mastrazzo, InHyuk Lee, Maria Laura Sanapo, Rose Besch, Zoe Lacchei, KyuYong Eom, and Emanuela Lupacchino.

Vampirella #25 will be in stores on October 20th.

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