Traverse The Solar System In ‘OPUS: Echo Of Starsong’

by Sage Ashford

Ever wanted to explore a solar system in search of treasure? Developer Sigono’s OPUS: Echo of Starsong invites players to a game that’s a mix of narrative-driven storytelling with space exploration and puzzle-solving.  Players are in the role of Jun, a young explorer looking for “Lumen”, a special substance found in asteroids that has incredible powers…and has been fought over for years. Jun meets Eda, a woman with the ability to sense Lumen, allowing them to track it down together.

Along the way, they’ll run into characters from across the solar system that will be both obstacle and ally, and players will have the opportunity to learn about both the people and the solar system itself, Thousand Peaks.

OPUS: Echo of Starsong launches September 1st for PC on Steam

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