Writer’s Commentary: Christos Gage Discusses ‘James Bond: Agent Of Spectre’ #5 From Dynamite

by Olly MacNamee

[+++ NOTE: Potential spoilers ahead! Buy & read James Bond: Agent of Spectre #5, then return here for some covert commentary! +++]

PAGES 1-2:  

See how Blofeld uses the ring I set up in issue #1 that would trigger the order to kill Leiter as the trigger to set off the explosives that destroy his island? Classic Chekhov’s gun! I am so smart…except that when I introduced the ring I had no idea I’d be using it this way until I scripted this scene. A lot of writing is like that. Finding things in what you’ve already written that you can then pay off. There’s a bit about it in Stephen King’s MISERY, even. But let’s all pretend I’m just really clever.

PAGES 3-6:  

It’s always fun to have Bond up against a physically superior opponent. As mentioned in the last commentary, the TALOS suit is a real thing that the military nicknames the “Iron Man suit.” They can protect the wearer from injury to a high degree…which is how Titania survives this fall.

Page 1

PAGE 7:  

I feel you, Dimitri.

PAGES 8-11:  

Page 2

Half the battle in a Bond story is thinking of good places to set fights. What I liked about the boathouse setting was all the things that would be lying around that would make good weapons. Anchors, flares, spear guns…didn’t get around to that last one, but it was there if I needed it.

PAGE 12:  

This is where Bond drops his act, and reveals why he is loyal to Queen and Country. Not patriotism (though that’s part of it). Not honor (though, again, that’s part of it). But because he enjoys it. He loves his job. Is that healthy or kinda messed up? You be the judge!

Page 3

PAGE 13:  

Moneypenny to the rescue! I love her and was sad I didn’t get to use her more but this was fun.

PAGE 14-16:  

In which we see Blofeld is not as emotionless as he would like people to think.

PAGE 17:  

“Something big blows up” is one of my go-to endings. I am also partial to the “I am Spartacus” ending (also known as the “It’s A Wonderful Life” ending) where a large group of people the protagonist helped repay the favor.

Page 4

PAGE 18:  

The good guys win. Yay!

PAGE 19:  

Oh snap. I spoke too soon.

Page 5

PAGE 20: 

Luca and Heather just killed it on this page. I mean, they were great throughout, but just look at this. I love it so much.

Thanks all…this has been so much fun! Can’t wait to do it again! – Christos Gage

James Bond: Agent of Spectre #5 is out now from Dynamite Comics

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