Review: Everything Burns In ‘The Flash’ #773

by Tony Thornley

It’s Wally West’s first day back on the job and already Keystone City is on fire. Thankfully, he’s the fastest man alive, and in The Flash #773 we see why he might be the greatest to hold the mantle.

Cover by Brandon Peterson & Mike Atiyeh

Heat Wave might not be considered one of the greatest Rogues, but this issue shows why he shouldn’t be underestimated. But it’s not just a spotlight on one of the most enduring Rogues, as we see from Jeremy Adams, Will Conrad, Alex Sinclair and Steve Wands.

Wally doesn’t have much time to stop Heat Wave. After all, it’s his first day back full-time as the Flash, and his first day at his new job. If he doesn’t figure it out though, the whole city may end up burnt to a crisp.

After the last arc’s much needed redemptions and retcons, Adams made a smart choice going for a slower, character-centered arc. He gets into Wally’s headspace quite a bit, shows how he’s different from Barry, and what makes him tick as a hero. More importantly, he has him save the day through compassion rather than his fists — something that sets the Flash apart from most other heroes. Adams gets that aspect of the character.

Conrad’s work is solid throughout, but DC really needs to have a much more dynamic artist on The Flash. Conrad’s figure work is good, and he does a great great job with character close-ups. But the moment Wally jumps into action, the story grinds to a halt. Flash should feel like he’s always in motion, constantly running from one moment to the next, and Conrad’s linework fails to come close to that. I’m not sure if Conrad is continuing in the next arc or whether someone else is stepping in, but DC needs to find that right balance.

I am still bought-in though, and am definitely excited to see this new era continue to grow. The Flash is one of my favorites, and this issue reminds me why.

The Flash #773 is available now from DC Comics.


An extremely fun story gets dragged down by stiff and lifeless art. There’s still a lot of promise in this run, but it needs much more energetic art.

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