Dan Parent Announces Kickstarter Campaign For ‘Kevin Keller Celebration!’

by Brendan M. Allen

American comic book artist, writer and Archie Comics legend Dan Parent has announced a Kickstarter campaign to develop Kevin Keller Celebration!, an omnibus of the trailblazing character’s first decade in Riverdale. With the blessing of Archie Comics, this complete compendium of all things Kevin will feature over 700-pages of comic book fun, chronicling Kevin’s game-changing first appearance to where Kevin’s legacy stands today.

“For the past 35 years, I’ve had the pleasure to work on multiple characters and titles for Archie, but my heart always comes back to my heart and soul, Kevin Keller,” said Parent. “Being able to spearhead this campaign with the support of Archie Comics is the perfect way to continue the legacy of the character as well as celebrate the 80th anniversary of Archie Comics.”

Parent aims to build on the success of his successful Die Kitty Die Kickstarter campaign with a comprehensive look at the life and times of Archie Comics’ first LGBTQ+ character. Fans of Kevin, Riverdale, and Archie Comics will revel in this celebratory collection which features Kevin’s first appearance, the four issue mini-series, the complete 15-issue Kevin Keller series, the Life With Kevin graphic novel, highlights, extras, and so much more!

“When Dan came to me with the idea of introducing Kevin to Archie Comics ten years ago, I knew we were on the precipice of a huge cultural shift for our brand and for that reason, among many others, is why we fully support Dan’s campaign efforts,” said Archie Comics CEO/Publisher Jon Goldwater. “The introduction of Kevin, Archie Comics’ first gay character, ignited readers and fans across the country and it’s a testament to Dan’s creative work that Kevin is such a positive and everlasting fixture in the world of Riverdale.”

Backer rewards start at the $5 level to get your name included on the backer thanks page, and escalate through digital copies of the book ($15), printed copies ($45), prints, postcards, buttons, sketches, and shirts. You can find the Kickstarter campaign right here to back the project or get more details. 

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