‘Deathloop’ Counts Down To Freedom In Launch Trailer

by Sage Ashford

Deathloop is out now, and along with it comes a slick new trailer entitled “Countdown to Freedom.” The next-gen shooter has been promoted heavily by both Arkane Lyon and Sony alike since the title is an exclusive to Sony Playstation for a full year.

The game takes place on the island of Blackreef, where everyone is living the same day over and over. The player is in the role of Colt, a man trying to kill eight targets on Blackreef in the hopes of breaking the cycle and escaping. Deathloop‘s selling point is that Colt himself is also being hunted down by Julianna, who wants to remain in the loop. She can be either AI or controlled by another player.

Currently, Deathloop sits at an 88 on Metacritic, enjoying sterling reviews from the majority of the critics who’ve played it.

The game is available now for PlayStation 5 and PC.

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