‘Jump Tales’ Comics Anthology Launches On Kickstarter

by Brendan M. Allen

Jump Tales, an indie comics magazine, launched on Kickstarter this morning. Made by and for fans of shonen manga, Jump Tales features a host of diverse, up-and-coming creators each bringing their own style and skill.

Jump Tales is an endeavor to capture the feeling of Japanese manga magazines including Shuiesha‘s Shonen Jump series. Each issue, released digitally on a monthly basis, will feature four ongoing series as well as one-shots from guest creators. Physical editions will be printed and shipped on a quarterly basis.

This first Kickstarter campaign for Issues 1-3 will fund three digital issues and one printed edition—three chapters for each of the four main series as well as four additional one-shots.

Here’s a look at the line-up:

Battle Road

Created by Darren Vogt and Edited by Kyla Smith

‘Some time ago, musical instruments were imbued with magical properties that gave musicians extraordinary powers. The meaning of the phrase “Battle of the Bands” became something much more real. Eventually, a road was built that passed through all of the world’s most popular – and most dangerous – music venues. Battle Road became a thing of legend, inspiring musicians far and wide to follow it in search of fame and fortune. “Fro” Lombardo, a budding Synth Mage, sets off on Battle Road alone with his keytar, in hopes of finding his perfect band along the way.’

Check & Mate

Created by Sam Owen and Edited by Mark Bouchard

‘Nia Crown is a student at Castile Chess Academy. Despite studying and playing chess every day, she can’t seem to raise her rating and wonders if she’ll ever be able to achieve her dream of becoming a grandmaster. That’s when a new student, Emil Ender, transfers to Castile. Despite being an incorrigible hustler, his chess skills were good enough to earn him a spot at the prestigious school. Nia finds Emil’s methods questionable and constantly bumps heads with him, while Emil thinks Nia is too stiff and doesn’t play to win. However, Nia and Emil eventually realize they have to help each other if they want to enter the regional tournament at the end of the year and go on to reach new heights in the chess world.’

Monster World

Story by Victor Santiago, Art by Markk JC, and Edited by Alberto Rayo

‘Welcome to Monster World, the most popular game ever created. Players explore a massive fantasy world in search of ancient monsters to awaken, raise, and battle their way through endless challenges. Except it’s not just a game anymore. When the latest update for Monster World is released, five players find themselves transported into a virtual world filled with monsters – for real. With their lives turned upside down, the children and their monster partners are in for the adventure of their lives. Now, the chase is on to solve the mysteries hidden within the game and save both worlds.’

Pancake Johnson: Attorney at War

Story by Oliver Gerlach, Art By Stefani Vlusha, and Edited By Frankee White

‘Pancake Johnson is a straight laced, by-the-books lawyer. He loves his husband, his dog, and JUSTICE. But when an old nemesis from Pancake’s past reappears, his life is thrown into turmoil. Proving his husband’s innocence and getting back on track should be straightforward, but the courts are rigged against him and corruption runs rife. It’s time for Pancake to tear the rulebook in half with his bare hands, and bring a new level of furious, chaotic, and wildly unexpected legal warfare to the courts.’

Guest One-Shots:

Revolving Sky

Created by Bayleigh Underwood

‘A young skater from earth moves to a rotating space colony and is introduced to the world of low gravity skating.’

Takeshi’s Run

Created by C. Thomas Anderson

‘After the botched robbery of a rival gang, Takeshi Ito (a young delinquent) is forced to flee Tokyo when his bosses blame him for the lost cargo. Takeshi never intended to betray his partners, however he had little choice when he found himself at the mercy of the “cargo” he had been hired to steal.’


Created by Jorge Santiago Jr.

‘A half-elf girl must brave the cold wilderness as she and her younger brother flee their despotic homeland to rejoin their mother.’

Living Ghosts

Created by Kyla Smith

‘Nemura is haunted by nightmares, and not just when she’s asleep. But it seems that the only person who may be able to help her is harboring strange secrets of her own.’

Backer Rewards are very straightforward on this one, beginning at the $5 level for a PDF of one issue of Jump Tales, and progressing through printed copies, bookmarks, and Jump Tales art prints. Check out the campaign here for more details. 



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