Netmarble Announces ‘Seven Knights 2’ Which Launches Globally Later This Year

by Gary Catig

Netmarble’s long running mobile roleplaying game, Seven Knights, is receiving a sequel. Seven Knights 2 is set to launch globally soon in 2021.

To commemorate the announcement, an all-new website has gone up to tease and deliver information on the upcoming title. Many iconic heroes from the original will appear in the latest installment but will be reborn with 3D and photorealistic looks. The story of Seven Knights 2 will occur 20 years after its predecessor and will feature 46 heroes to collect at launch.

The cinematic mobile RPG allows players to obtain and develop a variety of charismatic heroes, each with their own unique abilities. There will be an engaging, deep and immersive narrative with two hours of high-quality cut scenes. The real-time controls and in-game loadouts with heroic stat combinations, formations and pets provide some strategic combat.

For more information on Seven Knights 2, check out their official Facebook page and forums.

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