Review: ‘Bermuda’ #3 Is Another Fast, Furious, Fun Read

by Olly MacNamee


Bermuda takes a short cut through another dangerous part of the island, only once again to meet a set of foes who have been stranded for decades. But that’s not the biggest threat in a comic book series that’s fast, furious and fun!


Bermuda #3 one more opens up in the now familiar way of a dramatic splash page – and you don’t get too much more dramatic than a monster from the deep wrapping its colossal tentacles around a submarine – and another trip back in time. This time 1982, and a military operation soon to find themselves shipwrecked on Trangle. For eagle-eyed readers you may have already spotted one of the crew as the present day mentor of out titular hero, Bermuda, Doc Nak. And, as with the two previous issues, the introduction of a new set of characters have a relevance for this penultimate chapter of what has been a right rip-roaring yarn. 

Between them both writer John Layman and artist Nick Bradshaw are weaving a wondrous, exotic world. An adventure story that evokes the kind of jungle adventures of Layman and my own childhood I imagine. Last seen being used in the marvellous film Kong Island. And like any far away land, the only limitation to the story being told is the joint creators imaginations. And there’s no sign of that diminishing any time soon. From the grizzly, gigantic octopus at the start of the comic to the Buick-sized spiders, lizards and of course, the creepy Mers, this series, and this issue, just doesn’t let up as Bermuda just seems to alas be in motion and pulling the story along with her. 

With only one issue left, I really do hope we get to see more of Bermuda, the island and more of the history behind it all too. A rich, remote world but one with one thousand and one stories to tell yet. Go buy it and make a second series happen. And if you can’t find back issues (the first issue did sell out) wait for the trade. A comic for all ages and one you could happily share with your kids. They’ll thank you for it too.

Bermuda #3 is out now from IDW Publishing and if you want to know more about this fantastic fantasy series check out my interview with Layman here.

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