Preview – ‘Black Max Volume 2’ – The Bats Are Back

by Richard Bruton

Aerial ace, the Black Max, returns in this war tale with a horror-infused twist – the latest of the classic reprint series from The Treasury Of British Comics…

Hardback exclusive Chris Weston cover

Baron Maximillien Von Kloor and his attack force of giant vampire bats have their sights set on destroying the Royal Flying Corps!

Oh yes, just re-read that last bit of PR from the Treasury of British Comics… a German air ace with a force of giant vampire bats… a perfect illustration of just how wonderfully strange Brit comics can be! And Black Max really is a classic of its type, totally off the wall, but yet thrillingly done, and with some superb artwork from veteran artist Alfonso Font.

This volume sees Black Max hunted down by a vengeful British Colonel before the action shifts to England where Von Kloor, together with a monstrous albino bat, attempt to bring their plans to destroy London to a conclusion.

Black Max Volume 2

Created by Ken Mennell and Eric Bradbury.

Written by Frank Pepper with art by Alfonso Font.

Published by the Treasury of British Comics on 14 October.

So, preview time… starting off with the cover from Ian Kennedy

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