Review Round Up: Rounding Up All The Reviewed Comics From Last Week

by Olly MacNamee

We have another round of comic book reviews to share with you from the past week’s batch of new comics with another wide selection of titles covered by our diminutive but dedicated team of reviewers, including myself who looked at Image Comics’ Chu #8 Vinyl #4, and IDW’s Bermuda #3.

Meanwhile Scott Redmond reviewed Marvel Comics’ The Death of Doctor Strange #1, Marauders #24, DC Comics’ Aquaman: The Becoming #1, AfterShock’s Beyond the Breach #3 and  I Am Batman #1.

Tony Thornley reviewed Marvel’s X-Men: The Onslaught Revelation #1, Moon Knight #3, and DC Comics’ Superman and the Authority #3.

Then there was Benjamin Hall reviewed Image Comics’ Frontiersman #1, and IDW”s Transformers: Beast Wars #8, while Tito W James looked at Seven Seas Entertainment’s Dragon Half.

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