ZOOP Celebrates National Comic Book Day With Special Sampler

by Brendan M. Allen

Today is National Comic Book Day and ZOOP is celebrating with a special sampler highlighting past and present comic projects currently funding on the platform. ZOOP is a new all-in-one crowdfunding platform allowing creators to make their projects come to reality and for fans to show their support.


The ZOOP sampler comic previews current projects, biographies of creators, and for those projects that have been funded, highlighting stores where they may be purchased when delivered for those that might have missed out.

“ZOOP is about supporting creator-owned comics and helping make them a reality,” said  ZOOP co-founder Jordan Plosky. “We’re comic fans and have been excited about every project so far. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, we’re hands-on promoting the projects and a day like National Comic Book Day is a perfect opportunity for fans to not just show off how much they enjoy comics, but help make some comics a reality by supporting them.”

“Part of what makes ZOOP a great choice for creators is that we’re building a community,” added co-founder Eric Moss. “Each project builds off of the previous one as we bring our entire network focused on promoting each project. Releases like this special sampler is a prime example not just highlighting what can currently be found on the site but all of the projects already successfully funded.”

Readers will not just be able to read a preview of the current projects but will find links in the sampler comic to go to the projects and support them.

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