Not Your Final Girl Podcast: Cosmic Disco, With Guest Hailey Piper

by Brendan M. Allen

Welcome to the world underneath, ghouls. Don’t panic, Candace Sluder and Ariel Dyer are here to guide you out of the simulation with the help of author Hailey Piper. They’re talking about John Carpenter’s Reagan-era classic They Live (1988), along with Dark City (1998), a mind-bending noir we couldn’t believe came out right before The Matrix.

In this episode: Lovecraft (barely), monster f*cking (of course), houseless protagonists, horror noobery, the merits of edgy teenager politics (maybe it really is all bullsh*t), meta alien Roger Ebert, and the way time is a flat circle. Also, this episode is especially fun because it’s secretly a quadruple feature if you read Hailey’s books Queen of Teeth and The Worm and His Kings. Tons of cosmic horror to go around, folks. Tear down the walls of your perception with us. It will only hurt for a minute.


Show art by Brian Demarest:

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