The Simonsons Return To ‘X-Men Legends’ And The New Mutants In January

by Tony Thornley

Earlier this year, the husband and wife creative team of Walt and Louise Simonson returned to the world of the X-Men to tell an untold tale of X-Factor and Apocalypse. Now they are re-teaming for January’s X-Men Legends #11. And this time, it’s a tale of the Horsemen and the New Mutants!

The New Mutants are one of Marvel’s most iconic teams. In January’s X-Men Legends #11, readers are about to learn a previous unrevealed link between them and one of Marvel’s greatest villains — Apocalypse!

Catch up with some old friends — like Sunspot, Cannonball, Wolfsbane, Dani Moonstar, Boom-Boom, Rictor and more — as Caliban leads Pestilence and War, the remaining horsemen of Apocalypse, in a hunt for new blood to join their ranks. 

And coming up in January, Chris Claremont finally comes to X-Men Legends in an untold tale of Excalibur!

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