The Doctor Warns Of The Flux In ‘Doctor Who’ Season 13 Tease

by Erik Amaya

Although The Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) has been out of communication range this past week — all of the show’s social media accounts were “deleted” — BBC America was able to get a signal from her teasing the 13th season of the revived Doctor Who, which will premiere October 31st.

As previously reported, the season will be one long story, which the cable channel is dubbing “Doctor Who: Flux.” Between this and the teaser, it’s clear The Doctor, Yaz (Mandip Gill), and new companion Dan (John Bishop) will be facing down The Flux across time and space while also dealing with all the old adversaries mentioned by the Time Lord. All that said, we wonder if The Flux will relate back to some of the revelations learned in Season 12 or if all of that will simply be forgotten in the face of a new universe-threatening foe? Either way, the eight-episode story will lead into two final specials featuring Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor — one which will air sometime in 2022 ahead of Russell T. Davies taking control of the program once again and choosing The Fourteenth Doctor. Although, we suspect Davies has already made his choice…

In the meantime, though, we look forward to seeing the show attempt a season-long story again. The last time it attempted such a thing was 1986’s ‘Trial of a Time Lord.’ It’s not the easiest thing for Doctor Who to do, but the circumstances surrounding production this year may make it work.

Doctor Who (finally) returns October 31st on BBC America.

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