Previewing ‘The Tom Paterson Collection’: Another British Comics Legend Gets Collected

by Richard Bruton

Let the laughter begin, as the Treasury of British Comics presents the Tom Paterson Collection! Nearly 200 pages and not one that isn’t uproariously funny!

Hardback exclusive cover by Tom Paterson

Jamie Smart‘s quote on the back cover says a lot:

I can’t think of any cartoonist who has affected me more deeply than Tom Paterson.

Yep, so we all, Jamie, so say we all.

Scotland’s Tom Paterson is the immensely talented creative successor to the brilliance of the likes of Leo Baxendale and Ken Reid. In fact, he started at the age of 16 as an artist at IPC. He’d often ghost artists such as Baxendale, but his own style quickly asserted itself and we got to see his work on a huge amount of Brit humour comics throughout the 70s onwards, including Sweeny Toddler, Calamity James, Grimly Feendish, The Numbskulls, Bananaman, and Dennis The Mennis.

He’d pack his work with little extras, most particularly his trademarked stinky, striped sock, but its his beautifully lithe and kinetic artwork that just shines in anything he puts his hand to.

He is, quite simply, another of those many, many British comics geniuses.

And we are very, very lucky that he’s still making comics, still working, most recently for the Monster Fun Halloween Spooktacular.

And having a proper collection of all his work, selected throughout his career, for titles including Buster, Whoopee!, Jackpot, Whizzer & Chips, and Oink, is long overdue.

But now… it’s here and it’s superb.


As Lew Stringer says, in one of the tribute text pieces:

  1. He’s re-invented his style several times to suit the tone of whatever series he’s drawing. His revamp of the Buster character had a completely different style to his Sweeney Toddler strips, but maintained the same hilarious energy.

And you can see all that re-invention, all that spectacular energy, all that beautiful artwork all the way through the Tom Paterson Collection.


All we can hope for is that we get even more Tom Paterson collections from The Treasury – heaven knows there’s enough material out there! One for the future!

The Tom Paterson Collection – published by the Treasury of British Comics on 25th November.

Includes so much wonderful Tom Paterson stuff from so many comics, including contributions from Mark Bennington (scripts on Captain Crucial, Buster, Craziest Characters,) Mark Rodgers (scripts on Testing Time,) Graham Exton (scripts on Sweeney Toddler,) and Roger Fitton (scripts on Watford Gapp.)

Standard hardcover cover from Tom Paterson

Now… previews… because you know you want previews of all this wonderful Paterson stories and artwork…

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