Doctor Octopus Returns To Make Ben Reilly’s Life A Living Hell In January’s ‘Amazing Spider-Man’

by Tony Thornley

Otto Octavius is the Amazing Spider-Man’s greatest foe. In January, he returns to the title after a much-too-long absence in a story that will shake Ben Reilly’s life to its core.

The Spider-world has been a whirlwind for both Ben Reilly and Peter Parker since Ben returned to New York City. Now, Doc Ock is determined to make it worse, and it might ruin everything Ben has built.

In January’s Amazing Spider-Man #85 by Cody Ziglar and Paco Medina, Ben faces Doc Ock, and it will take everything Ben and his team has to stop him. In #86, by Zeb Wells and Michael Dowling, Ben will have to deal with the aftermath of that (disastrous?) battle. And finally in #87, by Jed MacKay and Carlos Gomez, Captain America and the Black Cat do their best to help Peter Parker get back in the webs as he continues to recover, but apparently it’s not going to go the way anyone thinks.

This new era of Spider-Man is already surprising us and we can’t wait to see where it goes next. Be sure to pick up all three issues, with cover by the immortal Art Adams when they hit stands in January!

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