Early Look: No Love Is Perfect In Jeremy Sorese’s ‘The Short While’

by Brendan M. Allen

BOOM! Studios has revealed a new look at The Short While, a new original graphic novel from Jeremy Sorese. The Short While presents the tragic but redemptive love story of two men who meet, quickly fall in love, and then find themselves falling apart when an unexpected event changes both their lives forever, available November 10,  2021.

‘In the distant future, amidst a society rebuilding after a long and oppressive regime,  two men accidentally swap their jackets at a party and are thrust into a most opportune meeting. In each other they find what they’ve been missing all along – love. Companionship. Honesty. And the joy of being able to trust your heart to someone else.

But no love is perfect, and they also find everything they ever feared – loss of self. Loss of freedom. And the tragedy of losing your heart to someone who can’t keep it safe.’

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