Review: ‘Home Sick Pilots’ #10 Builds To Another Blockbuster Season Finale

by Olly MacNamee


The Nuclear Bastard is coming for Ami in ‘Home Sick Pilots’ #10, and there’s nothing she can do but face it down. A blockbusting, bombastic season finale from DAn Watters and Caspar Wijngaard.


Home Sick Pilots #10 sees the second story-arc in this highly original horror series come to a crashing conclusion, but not before there is a good deal to be said about America’s post-WWII nuclear programme. And musings on the subject of ageing punk rockers. It’s a heavy going issue in terms of narrative, but also delivers on the balls-to-the-wall big scale blockbuster action we saw at the end of the previous story-arc. After all, we’ve seen the rise of the Nuclear Bastard so it should come as no surprise we now see what it can do. And it can do a lot. A lot of damage. 

Writer Dan Watters certainly packs this issue with a great deal of diverse thought-provoking threads while still providing the requisite thrills, spills and chills while Caspar Wijngaard adorns the issue with his now trademark neon nightmare art while we countdown to the inevitable showdown between the Nuclear Bastard mecha/monster hybrid and Ami. With a little help form here friends, both those dead and alive. It’s certainly one of the most spectacular and bonkers band reunion you’ll witness anytime soon, that’s for sure.

With it’s mix of both new school and old school horror and Japanese mecha, Home Sick Pilots still remains one of the most enjoyable and original horror series on the shelves today. 

Home Sick Pilots #10 is out now from Image Comics

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