Four Issues Of Science Occult Pulp ‘Doctor Crowe’ Collected In New Kickstarter

by Brendan M. Allen

In 2015 – 2016, the first 4 issues of Doctor Crowe dropped from Corey Fryia, Matt Horak, Tony Gregori, Felipe Cunha, Dann Franco, K.R. Whalen, Doug Garbark, Taylor Esposito, Sean Burres, Bruno Letizia, Josh Jensen, Tom Ward, and Luke Parker.

The series follows an infamous adventuring scientist, occult expert, and an all-around pulp hero, Doctor Crowe,  who uses advanced technologies to battle gruesome, supernatural terrors all across the globe.

Now those first four issues, along with some extra goodies (like the special indie crossover adventure Merrick & Crowe: Birds of Prey), will be collected in one place with Doctor Crowe: Vol.1, live now on Kickstarter.

The cover for this collection features pencils and inks by Matt Horak and colors by Doug Garbark. Backers can have it in the regular-old color edition, or the super-special Kickstarter B&W, exclusive to this campaign. 

Backer rewards are pretty straightforward. First reward kicks in at the $10 tier for a digital copy of the book, with physical copies at the $18 tier. At $24, readers can snag a metal bookplate to go with that TPB, and at higher tiers there are head sketches and full figure sketches available. Check out the Kickstarter campaign page here

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