Is The Ryan-And-Sophie Ship Setting Sail On Next Week’s ‘Batwoman’?

by Erik Amaya

Sophie (Meagan Tandy) can’t seem to let “love interest” line fall off her resume. And as this preview for next week’s Batwoman indicates, it appears her old role on the show may be reactivated as she starts to look at Ryan (Javicia Leslie) in a different light. Meanwhile, Ryan can’t avoid her brother. Will she able to find places for both him and Sophie in her life?

We’ll be honest, we’re not overly thrilled with the notion of Ryan and Sophie getting together. First, there’s still baggage from Sophie being the Season 1 love interest. As she mentioned to Ryan this week, we don’t know her. She’s either been Kate’s true love or the face of the Crows for most of the show’s run. And since we still don’t know her that well, how can we get invested in their possible relationship? Also, remember how they were still uneasy allies a few months ago? The speed at which this is happening feels more a plot contrivance than anything else. That said, if the she and Ryan explore romance and find it doesn’t work, that could prove to be a good story. And, really, Batwoman needs a good story right now.

One step in the right direction is the business with Nora Fries (Jennifer Higgin) and her sister. The notion that Freeze’s technology would lead to advanced aging is a great way to advance the story. Also, Nora’s acceptance of death, but her reluctance to tell her sister that she’s okay to let go is surprisingly emotional stuff for two guest characters. That it also relates to Mary (Nicole Kang) and Alice (Rachel Skarsten) is interesting as well, provided the show gives them more time together.

Also, we’d be happy to see Mary become Ivy for a little bit. That would definitely be an interesting way to build a bond between her and Alice.

Batwoman airs Wednesdays on The CW.

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