L.A. Comic Con To Convert Session Passes To Full Day Tickets

by Gary Catig

During the summer, when L.A. Comic Con began to unveil announcements for their upcoming show, they introduced the session pass which gave visitors the option to attend the convention for half a day. It was their way of managing the fluid pandemic situation and adding an extra measure for crowd control.

As things begin to improve is Los Angeles, the strict protocols for indoor events from before are beginning to be relaxed. As a result, there’s some good news for all those people who purchased single-session or multi-session weekend passes.

L.A. Comic Con will be converting session passes to 1-day and 3-day weekend passes. Better still, there are no additional requirements, steps, or cost for fans who have already purchased them. If you bought a one-session pass, you now own a full one-day pass. If you bought a three-session pass or a VIP pass, you now own a 3-day weekend pass, or a 3-day weekend VIP ticket.

L.A. Comic Con will be held from December 3rd – 5th 2021. Three-day passes are still available for $90 and one-day passes range from $35–$45. There are a limited number of VIP tickets available. Check out guests, schedules, and more information about ticket packages at www.comicconla.com.

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