PQube Confirms ‘Maglam Lord’ Is Releasing Worldwide February 4th 2022

by Sage Ashford

Publisher PQube is releasing action RPG Magnam Lord next year. Originally developed by Felistella, the story focuses on the last demon lord, powerless in another world and trying to regain their old powers. The game relies on a mix of both classic hack and slash while also mixing dating sim mechanics in.

Players will be able to pick between a male or female protagonist, and gradually regain their powers as they transform themselves into a mythic weapon, which seems like it’d be a bit painful. There’s plenty of customization to making other weapons though, as they even have their own personality.

The game’s ultimate goal though is to avoid the extinction of the main character’s race, so players will have to find a partner they can get married to.

Magnam Lord is releasing for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch February 4th.

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