Kabam And Nickelodeon Team Up For ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ Special Event In ‘Shop Titans’

by Gary Catig

Shop Titans is a free-to-play Tycoon Simulation, Light Adventure RPG available on mobile and PC platforms. In order to keep things fresh for players, it is regularly updated bringing in new content. For the next special event, Kabam has teamed up with Nickelodeon to bring a popular franchise to the game.

Avatar: The Last Airbender will be arriving this month from November 2nd – 29th. Players can expect fan-favorite characters, attire, gear, and other familiar themes from the iconic animated series. This collaboration marks the first time Shop Titans has offered content based off of a separate entertainment property.

Shop Titans will receive a variety of new content including a featured storyline alongside Champions Aang and Sokka as they lead heroes through quests. In addition to these interactions with the characters, the in-game event offers other Avatar: The Last Airbender experiences and gear.

Shopkeepers are able to dress heroes up like their favorite Airbender, decorate their store with Lord Ozai’s Throne, adorn shop yards with a restful Appa, craft and sell iconic items like Sokka’s boomerang, and much more. Players can also find a new content pass reward track, new vanity items (Shopkeeper, Indoor/Outdoor display items), and new blueprints. As part of the event, players will also see the wide release of two seasonal packs (the Fire & Air Pack on November 5th, then Water & Earth Pack on November 19th).

Shop Titans can be downloaded now through the App Store, Google Play and Steam.

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