Alice Determines Mary’s Poison On The Next ‘Batwoman’

by Erik Amaya

The situation in Gotham City appears to be deteriorating as the Bat Team faces a new rash of murders. And if Alice (Rachel Skarsten) is to be believed in the this preview for next week’s show, the killer is using Poison Ivy’s old methods. Oh, and she’s noticed Mary’s (Nicole Kang) recent interest in botany. Could the two things be related? Alice seems to think so.

We have to had it to Batwoman: this week’s episode was really well put together with some genuine tension, a great use of Grant Morrison-era villains, and even some good movement on the ongoing storylines. For one thing, creating a former relationship between Ivy and Rene Montoya (Victoria Cartagena) definite sets the Earth-Prime characters apart from other iterations, but it also makes Montoya’s interest in recovering the trophies a lot more meaningful. Over with Jada (Robin Givens), we learned her initial cold shoulder was to protect Ryan (Javicia Leslie) from her brother, who’s clearly in danger of following in the Joker’s coattails. Thanks to their struggle against Professor Pyg this week, the family dynamic came off a lot more interesting than we suspected from the Jets’ first appearances over the last couple of episodes.

Also, we’ll admit, we’re warming up a little bit to Ryan and Sophie (Meagan Tandy) getting together. It still feels like Sophie is more into it than Ryan, but they really gelled here more in this episode than they have before.

Honestly, after a handful of slow episodes, it feels like the show found some good ground to cover and some energy this week. Hopefully, it will last through to December.

Batwoman airs Wednesdays on The CW.

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