Kickstarting Comics: ‘Phenomenomix’ By Brit Legend Hunt Emerson

by Richard Bruton

Hunt Emerson‘s been working in comics since the early ’70s and is one of British comics’ true legends. Now, time for a Kickstarter campaign for Phenomenomix, a collection of his comic strips about unexplained phenomena. A must-buy for anyone who loves great comics.

Emerson’s work is fabulous, great cartooning, fascinating and fun ideas, packed with comedy, whether it’s the wonderful Calculus Cat, Citymouth, Hot Jazz, Pusspuss, or his adaptations and biographical comics such as Outrageous Tales From The Old Testament (written by Alan Moore), Dante’s Inferno (with Kevin Jackson), Lady Chatterley’s Lover, and so many more, Emerson’s work is a wonderful, energetic thing, great carooning from a great man.

His association with Fortean Times magazine began way back in the ’80s, with his strip Phenonenomix running since the mid ’90s. But until now, there’s not been a good collection of so many great comics pages. But all that changes now, with the new Kickstarter.

The Phenomenomix collection gives you the chance to get hold of all of Hunt’s strips about the weird and the wonderful of the world – Vampires, Ghosts, Faeries, UFOs, Werewolves, Folk Beliefs, Miracles, Mystery Smells, Unknown Animals, Megaliths – all filtered through Hunt’s unique sense of comedy and cartooning. Some of the Unexplained Phenomena you’ll read about inside are based on documentary evidence of some sort or other, many more are just made up by Hunt – but they’re all done rather brilliantly.

Original artwork for the Phenomenomix cover – hand coloured and part of the rewards


As you’d expect from any Kickstarter these days, there’s a number of rewards available, including original artwork pages.

The Kickstarter for Phenomenomix is running right now, all the way up to 8 December.

For more from Hunt, check out his Large Cow Site.

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