The Limited Edition ‘Nemesis The Warlock: The Final Heresies’ Hardcover Is Available For Pre-Order Now!

by Richard Bruton

A legendary series, incredible creators, all beautifully packages in a limited edition, limited to just 350 copies, it’s the third and final volume of the Nemesis the Warlock: Heresies series – but get your pre-orders in quick!

The Final Heresies follows Nemesis the Warlock: The Early Heresies and Nemesis the Warlock: The Later Heresies collections from 2019 and 2020, bringing to a close the limited-edition English-language hardcover editions collecting Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill’s seminal sci-fi epic, Nemesis the Warlock.

As with the first two books, The Final Heresies has been developed in conjunction with 2000 AD’s French publisher Delirium, in a beautiful limited edition volume available to pre-order now from the 2000 AD website and is due to be published on Wednesday 26th January.

Written by Pat Millswith art by Carl Critchlow, Chris Weston, Clint Langley, David Roach, Henry Flint, John Hicklenton, Kevin O’Neill and Paul Staples, this third and final hardcover volume brings the saga to an explosive conclusion.

This final volume contains the stories, Purity’s Story (Book 8), Deathbringer (Book 9), Shape of Things to Come, Hammer of the Warlocks, Book X: The Final Conflict, Warlocks and Wizards, Enigmass Variations, and Bride of the Warlock. It also includes the Deadlock storyline, The Tomb of Torquemada, and Tubular Hells – the final Nemesis storyline, bringing the legendary series to a close in fine, fine style!

Tomas de Torquemada has escaped back in time and finds himself in 1980s Britain. Here, amidst the rising unemployment and Thatcher-era angst Nemesis’ sworn enemy spreads his own special breed of hatred. But the warlock is not far behind him and the scene is set for the last, definitive battle!

It’s possibly my favourite era of Nemesis (I know, slightly controversial no doubt), purely for the incendiary nature of the storyline, with Nemesis and Torquemada in ’80s Britain and for the discovery, on my part, of Hicklenton’s absolutely amazing artwork, creating something that was sinuous, dirty, and nasty, whilst also managing to be strangely beautiful at the same time. And, just before Hicklenton, you also have the work of Roach on Purity’s Story, a completely different look, beautiful in a totally different way but, and this was always the case with Nemesis, the contrasting styles worked in the book’s favour.

So, don’t miss out – you need to pre-order it now if you want it – this is one that will sell and sell fast!

Now, a little preview of both David Roach’s art on Purity’s Story and John Hicklenton on Deathbringer.

Now, those John Hicklenton pages – not as good quality as the super-clean remastered pages from the 2000 AD provided preview of the book, these are my own original scans from old books – the limited edition pages will be as clean and sharp as the David Roach pages above.

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