Kickstarting Comics: Monty Nero’s ‘Death Sentence’ – Liberty #5 Launches & The Chance To Catch Up With A Great Series

by Richard Bruton

Something else today for you to get your pledges into – as Kickstart Comics brings you the chance to get the latest issue as well as all three storylines of the Death Sentence saga –  the series all about a sexually transmitted disease (STD) that gives you weird powers and six months to live!

Death Sentence is all written by Monty Nero and, across three storylines, has featured art from Martin Simmonds (The Department of Truth) and Mike Dowling (2000 AD, Spider-Man). It’s a series that’s already seen publication through Titan Comics (and Delcourt in France) but Monty’s now running an already successfully Kickstarter for the latest issue of the series, complete with so many different ways to catch up on the entire series so far.

Death Sentence #5 – cover art by – clockwise from top left – Cyberbike by Monty Nero (the main cover) plus the variants – Gothic by Monty Nero, Verity by Martin Simmonds, Sizzle by Ben Willsher

Each volume of the Death Sentence saga is a complete story, telling us of the last six months in the life of bisexual artist Verity and musician Weasel, who are living in the times of a terrible and fatal STD pandemic running through the population.

It’s big, it’s dark, it’s a wild ride, and still manages to be full of black humour. And obviously, if you hadn’t worked it out already, it’s not all-ages, not a bit of it – so don’t go pledging if grown-up things including swears, sex, violence, and drug-taking get you all upset.

To give you an idea of what to expect, here’s Monty Nero describing the last issue…

“In the last issue, Jeb tried to escape the mysterious Island but was eaten alive by cannibal sheep, while Verity’s strange art powers led to her being hunted and imprisoned by the F.B.I. What will her captors discover in issue 5? Are they trapped with her or is she trapped with them? What secrets from Verity’s past emerge by the strangely disturbing final page?”

Yep, that’s just a little bit of what’s going on in Death Sentence! But you really need to read the whole thing to get the whole story!

There are so many tiers to chose from, with plenty of chances not just to get hold of the latest issue of Death Sentence: Liberty, issue 5, but also variant covers from Monty Nero, Martin Simmonds, and. Ben Willsher, but also plenty of options letting you catch up with the entire Death Sentence saga, Death Sentence Book 1 (by Nero and Mike Dowling), and Death Sentence London (by Nero and Simmonds).

The current series, Death Sentence: Liberty is written by Monty Nero, with art by Martin Simmonds for issues 1, 2, and 3, with issues 4 and 5 written and drawn by Monty Nero.

The new Kickstarter for Death Sentence runs until 1st December. It’s already hit target, but that’s no reason not to get over and back it to push the total up and get yourself nearly 500 pages of great Brit comics.

Here’s some of the art from the earlier series, all available in the Kickstarter…

Death Sentence Book 1

Death Sentence Book 2 – London – 

Death Sentence Book 3 – Liberty

Cover – Ben Oliver
Cover – Luke Ross

Liberty interior art by Martin Simmonds…

You’ll find plenty of pledge levels, there’s everything (and the kitchen sink) here, from the basic £4 digital edition for Liberty #5, the two graphic novels, Death Sentence and Death Sentence: London for £20 each in print, all five issues of Death Sentence: Liberty plus 3 prints for £38, and many variations of the above, all the way up to the whole storyline of both graphic novels and the five issues of Liberty for £75.

And if you want to go over that, there’s also the £120 collector’s delight level, where you get everything – all the comics and books, all the variant covers, all the prints. And if you want original art or fancy seeing yourself on the covers of future Death Sentence comics, there’s the £400 Make me a star Mr Nero level or the £520 Crowning Glory.

Finally, as far as stretch goals go… well, there’s these…

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