Ian Cinco’s Cyberpunk Sci-Fi Series ‘Neon Spring’ Live Now On Kickstarter

by Brendan M. Allen

There’s a car going around taking brains. And where one crazy concept stemmed from a single joke, you’ll find curator of Studio Cinco and comics writer and artist, Ian Cinco

Now live on Kickstarter, Neon Spring Issue #0: This Car Neutralizes Douchebags is a mind-bending, science fiction, cyberpunk series about humans, cyborgs, A.I. and all manner of machines battling for dominance. Dive a bit deeper, and explore shifting identities and consciousness, nature and machines merging and evolving as one. 

Neon Spring Issue #0: This Car Neutralizes Douchebags introduces the Skull Squad and Mother, a car fitted with a superintelligent A.I., lobotomizing and extracting brains, only to refit them with a device to control the entire body.

‘After a brain-picking mission goes astray, Skull Squad finds Zuzu, an apparent sexbot, to help lure their target into the car. Their attempt to salvage the mission is a success, but Zuzu is not what she seems and with her comes the specter of the Neon Giant.

It’s a twisted and epic journey of Master Skull, his daughter Araina, Baby Skull, her infatuation with the mighty robot Zuzu, and  Mother’s rise to omnipotence of superintelligence.’

Backer rewards begin at the $5 level, for a digital copy of the book. Physical copies kick in at the $10 level for the main cover, $15 for the variant cover. At higher levels, there are sketches, original character drawings, stickers, and magnets. Interested readers can find the campaign right here

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