CCSE 21: New Pop Culture Merchandise From Disguise/Jakks Pacific

by Gary Catig

Comic-Con Special Edition (CCSE) is being held this holiday weekend from November 26th – 28th. As the name implies, it’s a different version of the San Diego event that is usually held in July. For various reasons which could be timing or general reservations during a pandemic, CCSE didn’t have the usual high profile programming encompassing TV, film and comics. However, there was still news to come out especially in other areas such as toys. At the Disguise/Jakks Pacific panel on Friday afternoon, the product reveals would excite any pop culture fan.

Disguise is a division of Jakks Pacific that is focused on costumes. One of the biggest products they spoke about were the upcoming Funko Pop! Masks. They share the same cute aesthetic as the popular collectible and are designed to be either worn or displayed. The first wave will include Jack Skellington, Pennywise, Batman, Harley Quinn, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Sally. They are expected to be released in fall of 2022.

Disguise works with a number of brands and franchises and from the Minecraft line, they will have costumes that include the Netherite sword and armor. Another video game related line they develop is Kirby. They already have an inflatable Kirby costume for adults and they have children’s versions on the way. Both will also drop in fall 2022.

They try to create products that promote inclusivity. That’s where their adaptive Wonder Woman costumes come in. They can come with wheel chair covers and also include strategically placed adjustable configurations that can easily accommodate braces, feeding tubes and touch sensitivity.

At the end of their portion, Disguise teased some brands they are currently working on such as the films Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Lightyear and the upcoming season four of Stranger Things.

Jakks Pacific took over the panel and shared some upcoming toys. From Apex Legends, the second wave of die cast weapons is on its way for the 6” scale action figures. A purple version of the 6” Nessie and a 10” green Nessie will arrive this spring.

There are new waves of Sonic 2.5” action figures that will include such characters as Classic Crabmeat and Classic Super Sonic. A new Modern Sonic Collector Edition and a 6” Foot Tapping Sonic that is solar powered will be released this spring as well.

The panel ended with news for their Super Mario toys. Because of supply chain issues, their 6” Donkey Kong has been delayed and will be made available in January. There will also be new waves of the 2.5” figures. Additionally, GameStop will have some exclusives featuring the Koopalings, various Yoshis and a Switchback Hill playset.

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