Review Round Up: Presenting All The Past Week’s Comic Book Reviews

by Olly MacNamee

A good selection of reviews were pumped out by one and all this past week. And if you didn’t have time to catch ’em in the week, or missed the odd one or two, here they all are rounded up in the one place. So, all that’s left is to ask, what did we all read this week? Well, Scott Redmond reviewed comiXology’s Astonishing Tales #5, AfterShock’s Beyond the Breach #5, Marvel’s Marauders #26 as well as DC Comics’ Catwoman #37, and doubling up on the Dark Knight Detective with reviews for both Detective Comics 2021 Annual  #1 and Detective Comics #1045.

Meanwhile Tony Thornley reviewed Marvel’s Hulk #1, The Amazing Spider-Man #79, DC Comics’ The Flash #776,

Richard Bruton gave us an advance review of next week’s Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files #38.

And that just leaves me. I reviewed Image Comics’ Chu #10, The Department of Truth #14, The Magic Order 2 #2, Marvel’s Fantastic Four #38, DC Comics’ Justice League Incarnate #1 and, finally, BOOM! Studios’ Once & Future #22 too.

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