Jason Greets Jughead On Next Week’s ‘Riverdale’

by Rachel Bellwoar

Now, if it’s anything like Sabrina’s appearance this week, it could be very disappointing, but Jason (Trevor Stines) is alive on next week’s Riverdale (and this promo is the proof):

It also has Jughead (Cole Sprouse) realizing that Rivervale is a parallel universe, a return of the bomb that probably set this paradox off, Jughead in a body bag (that is Jughead, right?), and both Barchie and Bughead kissing (not at the same time).

Surprisingly, the trailer doesn’t make any mention of the fact that next week is the 100th episode. While that should be an event in itself, hopefully it doesn’t get overshadowed by the show wrapping up its Rivervale event.

All of the pieces were in place for a great, Cheryl-centric episode this week. Madelaine Petsch got to play three different Blossom women (and the one from the ’50s had a haircut/wig just like Jean Simmons’ in the noir, Angel Face) but then came the violence of Abigail Blossom going Lizzy Borden (and the cuts back and forth between Abigail and her victim’s face), and Thomasina Topaz (Vanessa Morgan) turning out to be dead anyway, and Finn (Drew Ray Tanner) turning out to be a serial killer, and maybe Riverdale/Rivervale doesn’t need any more serial killers. Maybe it’s time to find some new antagonists (or at least put a cap on serial killers).

And after all of the hype around Sabrina (Kiernan Shipka), why did her guest appearance barely amount to more than the scene that was included in last week’s promo? It would’ve been better if fans hadn’t known she was coming. Plus, talk about an info dump, with that explanation for how Abigail’s been immortal this whole time. Way too complicated and it felt like lazy writing on Arabella Anderson‘s part, to rely on explication..

Riverdale airs Tuesdays on The CW

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