Zoop Opens Up Its Crowdfunding Platform In Response To Kickstarter’s Controversial Blockchain Announcement

by Brendan M. Allen

In response to recent announcements (blockchain nonsense) by another crowdfunding platform (KS), Zoop has released the following statement regarding opening up its comic focused platform to more creators:

Hello Comics Community,

There has certainly been an uproar in the past 24 hours regarding crowdfunding, and some changes that appear to be on the horizon. We’re seeing the conversations and understand your concerns, and, most importantly, your need for an alternative.

Here’s some information we can provide about Zoop, and our next steps:

In its current form, Zoop is a curated crowdfunding platform, plus a suite of services. What that means is we are a full service crowdfunding solution that hosts campaigns, but also handles campaign management, printing, fulfillment and other services. To date, we’ve focused on established creators and publishers that don’t have the bandwidth to handle those things on their own.

Zoop always planned to open up the platform and let anyone use it who wanted to, just like other platforms. It just takes time and resources to get to that point. So, how do we do it quickly so we can better service the comic community when there is a dire need?

We’re finalizing those details and are discussing internally how to best assist as many creators as our bandwidth can handle. This will look a bit different than our current model and different than what creators may be used to on other platforms. But, it works, and it works NOW.

If you are a creator interested in working with us, learning more, or asking us about our platform and services, please reach out to us at hello@wearezoop.com. Please understand it may take a little time to get back to you if there is an influx of requests. But, rest assured, we are OPEN and looking forward to working with as many of you as we can!

Also, if you are comics press, a podcast, news outlet, etc, we can certainly use your help spreading the word. While this is not a press release, feel free to share our message to help reach as many people as we can.


Team Zoop

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