Art For Art’s Sake # 132 – Talking A Trip With Oliver East’s Art

by Richard Bruton

More of that there gorgeous comic art… it must be Art For Art’s Sake

One of my favourite British artists, a maker of wonderful, amazing works… Oliver East. An artist whose work always surprises, often challenges, something that fascinates me every time there’s a new book out. He’s got a sizeable body of comic and other works behind him now, many of them a travelling memoir, with East detailing the environment he’s walking through.

Seriously, his art is wonderful and well worth giving a try.

In the meantime, have a look at these…

The Manchester Marathon runs past my house. Each figure is an amalgamation of anything from 2 to 12 different runners, depending on the pace of the field at the time of recording.

And these from his latest book:

New work. You Can’t Draw the Same Tree Twice. Walking 200km, from Helsinki to Tampere, while drawing constantly.

Or these from Skateboarding As Architecture

Oh… and in case you’re thinking you’ve seen something like this somewhere else… yes, he did the Elbow covers…

Sophie Crankers Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #125 cover…

Evan “Doc” Shaner… Wonder Woman…

And that Wonder Woman comes from the strip by Tom King and Shaner in the WW 80th Anniversary book. As Tom King says:

“The Wonder Woman story Doc Shaner and I did for the WW 80th Anniversary was inspired by this O’Neil/Dillin story where Diana and Clark are set up on a date by a super computer from the future who needs them to save a hippie in order to fend off an apocalypse. As sometimes happens.”

Babs Tarr

Pascal Campion

Mike Mignola Batman –

PJ Holden – old Dredd…

Nick Cagnetti – Spidey!

Otto Schmidt – multiple Batgirls…

Marcial Toledano – the good Captain and Meggan…

Alex Ross – Hanna Barbera

Mike McKone – Betsy Braddock

And another Mike McKone… Deaths Head…

Jon J Muth – truly gorgeous Dr Strange –

Bill Sienkiewicz ads for Power Man and Iron Fist back in 1983…

Sean Galloway:

Some villain line-up’s from back in the Spectacular Spider-Man animated days.

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