Captain Cold And The Rogues To Headline New DC Black Label Series, ‘Rogues’

by Olly MacNamee

Criminals in comics are a pretty big thing at the moment over at DC Comics. There’s The Joker and Deathstroke Inc. and now we get Captain Cold and company in new DC Black Label four-issue limited series Rogues.

Written by Joshua Williamson, surely the hardest working writer in DC Comics today, and artist Leomacs, the pair will be bringing the Rogues out of retirement for one last big score.

“Rogues is unlike anything I’ve done at DC. It’s closer to my own creator-owned works. It’s a crime book full of super-science, dark humor, lost civilizations, and crazy action set pieces, but it’s all played straight, with the dark edge and morality-play qualities of classic noir stories. Rogues takes everything we love about these classic characters and sends them violently crashing into a noir story that makes the ideal DC Black Label series.

I was amazed by Leomacs’s work in Basketful of Heads,” he commented. “It knocked me off my feet. So when I found out he was interested in working on Rogues, I was super excited. When I saw his first pages for issue #1, they completely exceeded my expectations. Working with him brings an incredible amount of thoughtfulness and insight into the world of the Rogues.” – Joshua Williamson

Rogues #1 will be out Tuesday March 22nd, 2022.


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