Kickstarting Comics: Brit-Pop Satire ‘Geezer’ #1 From Will Potter And Philip Bond

by Olly MacNamee

I brought you a preview for new Kickstarter comic, Geezer #1, from Will Potter and Philip Bond during my recent trip to the Thought Bubble Festival and now the crowdfunding campaign has gone live as of 7pm (GMT) today.

Potter, a member of ’90s indie band outfit, Cud, was definitely in the right place at the right time to draw inspiration for this new book, set in London in the heady Brit-Pop dominated year of 1994. And artist Bond was also loitering around the scene as one of many artists on hip indie magazine Deadline too. So another authoritative voice to add to this fun project. Between them both they have conjured up also-ran musician, Martin Bland, and his mad-cap exploits, to be featured in the first debut issue to be published as in 7 inch format. Geddit? To better resemble 7″ singles. Quite the novel idea.

London Town, 1994. Martin Bland was in the right place in the wrong trousers, pouting in polyester when Suede were all the rage, sipping shandies as Oasis rattled Blur at Camden’s Good Mixer, touring the States with rival band Clobber, sexing up The Word, and hobnobbing with Tony Blair at Number 10. You must have blinked and missed him!

Colliding with the famous, or face down on the pavement, wannabe Britpop star Bland and Geezer, his loyal band of underachievers, struggle against the odds in this comic-book tale of the also-ran. Geezer parallels the ups and downs of the early ’90s British music scene, dips into real events with pathos and playfulness. Written by William Potter, who has these credits, and is drawn by Philip Bond, who has credits too. Will and Phil’s collaborations date back to the early ’90s. Overseeing this combo is Off Register Press’s own resident editor, Shelly Bond.

Follow the missteps of Martin Bland as he embarks on a make-or-break mission to become a cheeky-chap chart topper and style icon. If only he had the breaks, the talent, the cheekbones…”

Of course, there are various pledges to back. For a modest $5 you’ll get a 36 page pdf copy, while $10 will get you a print copy of the comic. And for $150 you can get yourself the ‘Champagne Supernova’ package including the comic book, Geezer loot bag, backstage pass, concert poster and more.

For fans of reverential British satire and those of us who lived through the ’90s, why not check it out here and consider backing it?

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