Review: ‘Adventureman’ #7 Confounds

by Benjamin Hall


Claire Connell, the newest Adventurman, finds a mystery beneath her city. Meanwhile ghosts of the past come out to play. All of which raises the question: Will this be a happy holiday season for Connell and her city?


Penciler/colorist Terry Dodson and inker Rachel Dodson continue to do amazing work on the cover and interiors. The line work from both of them shows a lot of confidence. Though Terry Dodson could do better with the consistency of skin pigmentations in relation to the various light sources. Yet, the fact that both Dodsons seem to consider how light and shadow will affect the designs shows great mastery of their skills. Speaking of designs, the globe lights are by designer Coralie Beauchamp and they look amazing.

Adventureman #7 (2021) cover art by artists Terry and Rachel Dodson.

Designer Leonardo Olea’s work is most noticeable, and understandable, on the creative credits page. Speaking of, while the supernatural guns and elevator wall look great the X still feels a bit much.

Letterer Clayton Cowles does a good job with the placement of the text. The placement of the text assists the pacing by making it feel like the speech is flowing from person to person. While most of the sizing is good Cowles does size at least one word balloon too small in comparison to two others. Thus, from a purely critical standpoint the work Cowles does in this issue contains a somewhat big flaw. Yet, for those just reading this comic for fun, or with little understanding of the process of lettering, Cowles does a great job.

Writer Matt Fraction does a great job with the dialogue. Fraction also does a great job at making each character sound unique. Unfortunately Fraction writes this issue in a way that makes it confusing as a continuation of the last issue. For example certain events at the beginning of this issue read like they should be before the end of the last issue. However, by the mid-point of the issue Fraction does recover enough to land a solid enough cliffhanger. Finally it is possible that this issue may read better once this arc ends.

Adventureman #7 (2021) is out now from Image Comics.

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