The Comicon Advent Calendar: Day 20 – Ronald Searle

by Richard Bruton

Welcome once more to the Comicon Advent calendar, our seasonal celebration for you and our way of showing you plenty of fabulous art. Today – it’s all about Ronald Searle

Ronald Searle is a huge favourite of mine, a great, great cartoonist, the creator of those magnificent St. Trinians Girls, the artist of Molesworth and so many more wonderful artistic creations. Sure, Searle’s work is more cartoons than comics, but hey, it’s Christmas, be charitable. Plus, I’m picking the selections and Ronald Searle is a fine, fine, fine choice.

And if you’re after a perfect online resource for all things Ronald Searle, try Perpetua, the Ronald Searle Tribute Site, run by Matt Jones.

Now, a few of those wonderful Searle Christmas things…

(Lilliput issue no. 150, December 1949)

(New Yorker – 1989)

(New Yorker – 1971)

And a couple of proposed and rejected New Yorker covers – what fools!

(Carol Singing – 1952 – design for a Christmas card)

(Another Christmas card… ‘One for you, one for me.’)


Young Elizabethan magazine, January 1959

Neiman Marcus Christmas catalogs

Christmas card design, 1992
From the art collection in Parliament – ‘The ancient and rather touching ceremony of proceeding towards Christmas’ 2009

1961 version of A Christmas Carol with illustrations by Searle…


Not the only time he’d be illustrating that story, revisiting it with the title cards for the 1970 version, Scrooge, directed by Ronald Neame.

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